Family Recipes and Traditions


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By Bonnie Huber & Daughters
a collection of family recipes and traditions
Contains over 250 recipes along with a feature section of all our restaurant recipes and traditional holiday menus

Mary Huber, Joe’s Mother was born in 1900, married in 1926. Eleanora Kruer, Bonnie’s mother was born in 1896, married in 1915. Both of these ladies had 11 children. Mary had 6 sons & 5 daughters. Eleanora had 4 sons & 7 daughters. They had very much in common. Both married farmers and attended St. John’s Church and lived in Starlight. The Great Depression hit shortly after they married. Times were hard but they had their own garden’s with fresh fruits and vegetables to cook. Raising 11 children was a real challenge and both of them soon became wonderful cooks. In the early years, both of them said, We didn’t really have recipes, we cooked with what we had. We are sharing many of their recipes with you. We hope you enjoy them as much as our family does.